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Teenager Saleha Khan lives next to the biggest dumping ground of Mumbai near Shivaji Nagar slums. Lack of safe drinking water, extremely shoddy sanitary conditions along with the toxic gases that the mountain-high dumping ground emits make this place nightmarish. As soon as Saleha finished class 8th, she was forced to drop out of school by her family as they thought it was unsafe for her to travel to school every day. Saleha decided that if she could convince her friends to go to school with her then together they will be safe and can convince the parents to let them attend school. The idea of strength in numbers is a very important lesson Saleha learnt. Today, she reads in class 11th. It took two years of constant counselling of Saleha’s family by our team and a display of extraordinary perseverance by Saleha to bring about a change in the family’s mindset.

Saleha is now one of our #Champions4Change as she encourages other girls in her community to complete their education and then pursue higher education.

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