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Not many are fortunate enough to have the gift of a fair chance at life like underprivileged children. You can change that!

Writing your will, or even updating it, is a meaningful and deeply personal decision. We understand that your loved ones come first. But we are also aware that the achievements of our life-giving work would not be possible without gifts in wills and the
generous support of donors like you.

If you would like to know more about how a gift in your will can change the lives of children.

You can write to us at: donorsupport@balrakshabharat.org or reach out to us at:
91 9870127127/ 91 9870147147

By remembering Bal Raksha Bharat in your will, you can change children’s lives.

Help us with your details and we will contact you shortly about how your benevolence will save children’s lives and how you can support us, including vital fundraising appeals, campaigns, and events.