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Child Safeguarding at Bal Raksha Bharat

As an organisation committed to Child Rights, we believe every child has the right to be protected from harm, abuse, and exploitation. As is embedded in our registered name “Bal Raksha Bharat” (also known as Save the Children), we are committed to Keeping Children safe whatever it takes. We will do whatever it takes to keep children safe and believe that our staff and associates must respect children, listen to them and protect them from harm.

Our Child Safeguarding Policy reflects our commitment to and makes us accountable for creating and proactively maintaining a safe environment that aims to prevent and deter any actions and omissions by Bal Raksha Bharat representatives, whether deliberate or inadvertent, that place children at risk of any kind or abuse. The Child Safeguarding Policy sets forth standards for all programs and activities across the organisation, underscoring our commitment to the four pillars of Awareness, Prevention, Reporting and Responding.

A culture of safety and accountability is essential for Bal Raksha Bharat to achieve its mission and we actively foster the same. Safeguarding focal points across the country work closely with the community and support our staff to ensure that we build a safe environment that will help us achieve this mission.

Since the culture is a reflection of living the values and effective practice, the leadership team is committed to walking the talk and being individually and collectively accountable for all omissions and commissions towards this goal of absolute safeguarding. We have zero-tolerance to any form of harm to children, perpetrated by staff, partners, or anyone else that we have given authority to, such as volunteers, interns, freelance trainers and researches, etc. Any breach to the policy can lead to disciplinary action including possible dismissal and criminal proceedings. For partners & other associates, breaches can lead to termination of agreement.

At Bal Raksha Bharat, it is not our discretion but our obligation to report any Child Safeguarding concern. If you have witnessed a safeguarding concern related to Bal Raksha Bharat staff or representatives, please tell us immediately and report it by writing to us at childsafeguarding@balrakshabharat.org, calling us at +91 9311644211, or through the website by clicking HERE.

That we are committed to keeping Children safe is a promise of mine and our entire organisation.

Sudarshan Suchi

Whether we are responding to a humanitarian crisis or campaigning to prevent child marriage across the country, safeguarding children in the communities we work is always our first priority. Bal Raksha Bharat’s Child Safeguarding Policy is our commitment to ensure that children are protected from both deliberate and accidental harm and abuse caused by Bal Raksha Bharat staff and its associates. This is Bal Raksha Bharat’s commitment to every child we engage with.

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