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Customized High Value Gifting

Customized High Value Gifting

With your wealth and fortune, you too can help thousands of children in India lead a better life.

We are largely dependent on the voice of individuals like you in our efforts to cultivate the idea of donating. We are encouraged by the rise of the next generation of donors, who are even more committed to sustaining and developing this charitable culture.

Through your generosity, you can help us lay the foundation of a better, brighter, and stronger India.


Help us with your details and we will contact you shortly about how your benevolence will save children’s lives and how you can support us, including vital fundraising appeals, campaigns, and events.
You can write to donorsupport@balrakshabharat.org or call +91 9870127127 for any assistance.

For further information or any assistance, write to us at p.malik@balrakshabharat.org
We will gladly help you!

Other ways to help include