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Monday | 20th May 2024
Success Stories
Overcoming Obstacles- Urchita’s Journey to Recovery and Good Health

A little step of humanity making all the difference in growing years of Baby Urchita… Born on November 25, 2022,…

Tuesday | 14th May 2024
Success Stories
Embarking the Journey to Access Knowledge- Yuvraj’s Endearing Experience

“I used to cry as I saw my child going to work in a garage! A child who used to…

Wednesday | 01st May 2024
Success Stories
From Despair to Hope: A Story of Connecting Three Siblings to Learning

“I was neglecting their rights and solely focused on fulfilling my own needs. I am forever grateful to Ba l…

Monday | 29th April 2024
Success Stories
Empowering Children for Environmental Change: Avoiding the Practice of Single-Use Plastic

Bal Raksha Bharat (BRB), through its Multi-Activity Center (MAC) in South Delhi, along with ensuring their learning continuity and protecting…