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Tuesday | 11th June 2024
Success Stories
A Journey of Hope: Kajal’s Path from a Tea Stall to the Classroom

In the bustling streets of Khanpur, Delhi, where the aroma of ‘chai’ mingles with the rhythm of daily life, I…

Friday | 07th June 2024
Success Stories
Empowering Women Through Menstrual Awareness- Varsha’s Journey Towards a Dignified Life

“The reusable pads provided by Bal Raksha Bharat Sanstha are incredibly convenient to use. They have helped me save on…

Friday | 24th May 2024
Success Stories
Stitching Together the Dream of Financial Independence: A Young Girl’s Journey to Self-Employment

“I see my business growing, thanks to the team’s support. They’ve given me a chance to live my dream of…

Monday | 20th May 2024
Success Stories
Uttar Pradesh: The Story of Nursing Little Urchita Back to Good Health

A little step of humanity is making all the difference in growing years of Baby Urchita. Hailing from Uttar Pradesh’s…