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Prevention of child labour | Bal Raksha Bharat
Wednesday | 26th June 2024
Child Protection
Top 5 strategies to combat child labour in India

The prevention of child labour is a problem, not just in India but across the globe. However, in deliberating on…

Child Poverty in India| Bal Raksha Bharat
Monday | 10th June 2024
Understanding the impact of poverty on children

Even though poverty is subjective, it can be defined as an inability to secure minimum requirements including food, shelter, and…

How to help poor people | Bal Raksha Bharat
Tuesday | 07th May 2024
Exploring Effective NGO Initiatives for Alleviating Poverty

Poverty alleviation is a major priority of the government and can be seen to be directly and indirectly related to…

Helping poor children | Bal Raksha Bharat
Monday | 01st April 2024
What is the best way to help poor children in India?

Helping poor children in India requires coordinated efforts between civil society and the government. Both have unique strengths that, if…