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NGO In India | Bal Raksha Bharat
Tuesday | 28th May 2024
Top Fun Activities Organized by NGOs

While traditional methods of rote learning and strict discipline have been prevalent in the past, recent policy changes and educational…

Nutritional programmes in India | Bal Raksha Bharat
Friday | 17th May 2024
NGO Nutrition Initiatives for Better Living

The many health and nutrition programmes of NGOs, created and rolled out under the guidance of the Government of India’s…

Donation for tax exemption | Bal Raksha Bharat
Monday | 13th May 2024
Supporting Charities Through Donation and Saving Taxes

Charities, which are organisations that help people, animals or communities in need, undertake actions that align with specific developmental causes…

Education donation | Bal Raksha Bharat
Monday | 13th May 2024
Supporting Children’s Learning Through Donations

For many of us, it’s easy to take education for granted. However, we must take into consideration the role of…