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Marginalized Children| Bal Raksha Bharat
Friday | 07th June 2024
Child Protection
Major Hurdles for Marginalized Children in India

Literacy is the stepping stone to social and economic empowerment, something India’s marginalized communities need desperately. With education, they can…

Survival Rights of a Child | Bal Raksha Bharat
Monday | 03rd June 2024
Child Protection
Understanding four most important sets of children’s rights

As a 1992 signatory to the United Convention On the Rights of The Child (UNCRC), India has steadily evolved its…

Donate to children in need | Bal Raksha Bharat
Tuesday | 07th May 2024
Exploring NGO Approaches to Ensure Equitable Access in Children’s Education

Education is often called the great equaliser, with the power to lift communities out of poverty by empowering youth with…

Online donation | Bal Raksha Bharat
Sunday | 05th May 2024
Creative Ways to Support NGOs

India is home to millions of NGOs (non-governmental organisations). These charitable groups tackle critical issues in partnership with governments and…