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Kamla Tailoring Centre enjoys its share of popularity in Rasta Paal village of Dungarpur. The path to the centre goes through stepped farms and local women frequent the shop for their tailoring needs, bringing along designer samples of the latest fashion trends, no longer needing to travel to the city.

Here, amid the rustle of fabric and whirring of machines, Kamla’s (the owner of the shop) journey unfolds—a tale of resilience, determination, and triumph against all odds.

“After separating from my husband, I moved back in with my parents, facing challenging times. Despite this, I was determined to complete my studies. Unfortunately, my father passed away, adding to our financial woes. I didn’t want to burden my family, so I started thinking about how I could earn money. The uncertainty was overwhelming,” shares Kamla, her voice tinged with the echoes of past struggles.

Determined to carve her own path to success, Kamla turned to tailoring as a means of livelihood. But the lack of training centres in Rasta Paal posed a formidable obstacle. It was then that fate intervened, in the form of Kavita Yadav, the Field Coordinator of Bal Raksha Bharat (also known as Save the Children).

“Kavita motivated me and connected me to a skill training program offered by the Mahaveer International Society in Dungarpur. The training significantly improved my tailoring skills equipping me with the resources needed to start my own tailoring cente,” Kamla recalls, with gratitude evident in her words.

The three-month tailoring course became Kamla’s stepping stone to success, imparting her with the expertise needed to embark on her entrepreneurial journey. With determination and grit, she began stitching at home, using an old machine to fulfill mainly the traditional wear orders originating from the neighbourhood.

But Kamla’s aspirations soared beyond the confines of her humble abode. Recognizing the need for expansion, she endeavored to learn new techniques and cater to a wider clientele. However, her dreams were hindered by the limitations of her outdated equipment. Kamla’s 65-year-old mother, who relies on her monthly pension for financial support, was unable to assist her daughter financially.

“Once again, Bal Raksha Bharat’s team, came to my rescue,” Kamla says, her eyes brimming with emotion. “They provided me with the professional machine I needed to expand my business. I could not afford such an expensive machine with my modest savings.”

With the humble support, Kamla’s business flourished, enabling her to achieve financial independence and stability. Yet, her journey doesn’t end here. Armed with ambition and resilience, she has set her sights on new horizons.

“Tailoring meets my current needs, but I refuse to rest,” Kamla declares with determination. “I have completed my B.Ed. and am now preparing myself to secure a government job.”

Through her firm determination, she has stitched together a future of hope, prosperity, and endless possibilities not only for herself but for her community as well, where she is considered a pioneer and an inspiration.

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