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“My entrepreneurial journey has taught me the value of perseverance, adaptability and continuous learning. I constantly seek new avenues for growth and improvement.”; mentions Rahul

Rahul Shid, a resident of the tribal community in Pungatwadi, Mulegaon, Nashik district, Maharashtra-India is a shining example of resilience and determination. Born into a family struggling with poverty. Mulegaon, particularly Pungatwadi, faced numerous challenges, including electricity issues, poor mobile network connectivity, lack of guidance and technological limitations. Rahul, facing poverty-induced circumstances, had to discontinue his education. However, with the support and guidance of Bal Raksha Bharat, Rahul found hope amidst uncertainty.

Rahul was introduced to vocational training through livelihood programs, by the team from Bal Raksha Bharat. Mahabank RSETI provided him with tailored training opportunities that aligned with the specific needs of Pungatwadi and its residents. Recognizing the community’s requirements, Rahul opted for Men’s Parlor training, a decision that empowered him and supported the village’s needs. Through the month-long training program, this young man gained expertise in a range of skills, including beard cutting, massage, bleaching, hair dyeing and facials.

To support Rahul in starting his Men’s Parlor business, financial support was provided by Smartpur Center’s Facilitator, Samadhan Bhagat. This assistance enabled him to purchase the necessary equipment and supplies for his shop. Rahul’s journey exemplifies the transformative power of vocational training and community-focused initiatives. From overcoming poverty and limited education, Rahul emerged aa a pillar of strength for his family and community. His newly acquired skills not only fostered personal growth but also contributed to the economic development of Pungatwadi and its surroundings.

A few months later the inauguration of Rahul Shid’s Men’s Parlor shop was a moment of great pride for the community, with NOKIA CSR Head, Mr. Deep Ghatak, presiding over the ceremony. Rahul started by offering his services to the children of the Zilla Parishad school and eventually expanded his customer base to include villagers.

His success has inspired other youths in the community to pursue employment opportunities through vocational training. The project, spearheaded by Bal Raksha Bharat, has brought about a radical change in the lives of many individuals, offering them hope and a chance to break free from the cycle of poverty. Through determination, guidance and appropriate access to augment skills, youths like Rahul can overcome adversity and achieve success.

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