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“I would like to thank to Ujjawal Bhatt and Bal Raksha Bharat for supporting me by bringing healthcare services right at my doorstep and saving me from an amputation”, expressed Bhamu Kanwar.

Bhamu Kanwar, an elderly women hailing from Dungarpur in Rajasthan, faced a series of health challenges that tested her strength and mettle to the hilt. With her husband, Dalpat Singh Kanwar, relying on pension for survival and her daughters settled in their respective in-law’s households, Bhamu found herself grappling with not just health issues but also the logistical hurdles of accessing healthcare services in her vicinity.

Bhamu had been fighting an ongoing battle with hypertension, but a new obstacle emerged when she injured her right leg during her daily activities. Traditional remedies provided little relief, but soon she realized that her hypertension complicated her recovery. A visit to the doctor confirmed her fears, with the need to amputate her toe prevent further complications. The prospect of frequent hospital visits for dressing her wound added another layer of difficulty, especially given her advanced age and distance of health centre from her house.

In her pursuit for accessible healthcare, Bhamu Devi discovered the Bal Raksha Bharat-supported SMARTPUR Healthcare Centre, conveniently located near her village. With the guidance of Ujjawal Bhatt, one of the project staff, she found a lifeline. Bhatt assured her of personalized care, arranging for the necessary dressing services to be provided at her doorstep. This intervention was not just convenient but a crucial support for the ailing lady, sparing her the arduous journey to the city hospital for regular check-ups.

Three months later, Bhamu Devi revisited the government hospital for a crucial check-up. The doctor’s assessment brought a glimmer of hope – thanks to the meticulous dressing regimen facilitated by SMARTPUR and Ujjawal, the need for a full foot amputation was averted.

Bhamu Devi’s life took a turn for the better. With her leg on the path to recovery, she found solace in the comfort of her home and the timely assistance provided by Smartpur Healthcare Centre. No longer burdened by the daunting prospect of frequent hospital visits, she could focus on her healing journey with renewed optimism. Her gratitude overflowed as she expressed her heartfelt thanks to the SMARTPUR Team, whose support and timely intervention had been instrumental in preserving her mobility and dignity.

This elderly woman’s journey with SMARTPUR Healthcare Centre is testimony to how healthcare services when made accessible to remote and rural communities can make a difference.

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