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“I see my business growing, thanks to the team’s support. They’ve given me a chance to live my dream of financial independence in a male-dominated society,” says a smiling Nargis.

In the remote locales of Laru Panchayat in Gaya District, Bihar, the remarkable journey of 20-year-old Nargis Parveen unfolds. Hailing from a minority community, Nargis dared to defy societal norms, driven by a fierce determination to carve her own path.

Despite numerous challenges, Nargis found opportunity and solace with the local youth group at the Lakshmi Sewing Centre. Supported by Bal Raksha Bharat, she honed her tailoring skills, empowering herself and becoming a beacon of hope for her community.

The road to self-sufficiency wasn’t easy. The sewing center, located three kilometers from her home, posed logistical challenges. Yet, Nargis and her group members remained undeterred, relocating the center three times until finally settling in Chanda village, where they found a steady stream of customers.

To diversify their income, Nargis and her group added cosmetics and toiletries to their shop. This innovative idea set them apart in a male-dominated society and marketplace.

But Nargis’s ambitions went beyond profit. Recognizing the transformative power of their enterprise, she and her companions began offering tailoring lessons, empowering other young girls with valuable skills and confidence.

In a world where barriers often confine dreams, Nargis Parveen’s story stands as proof of resilience and determination. Through her courage and vision, she not only stitches fabrics but also weaves the fabric of hope and empowerment for generations to come.

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