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Empowering youths for a brighter future; Shikha’s journey is one such inspirational one for many youths like her who dream to achieve something in life.

In Brahampuri, East Delhi, where dreams often collided with the harsh realities of marginalized communities, a quiet yet determined young girl named Shikha stood at a crossroad. Uncertain about her future but driven by a deep desire to make a meaningful impact on her life.

Amidst the challenges faced by youths from marginalized backgrounds, Bal Raksha Bharat took on the task of instilling mindfulness and empowering them with necessary skills to navigate the fast-paced world. Shikha, a symbol of resilience, caught the attention of the team during their mobilization efforts. Her story unfolded as a touching reminder of the obstacles faced by many in their pursuit of independence and career goals.

Through skill-building initiatives with simultaneous capacity augmentation of hers through life skills education to boost her decision-making critical thinking efficiency. This propelled Shikha to embark a transformative path. The initial hurdle of grief and uncertainty surrounding her father’s certain demise became the driving force for her determination to contribute to her family’s financial well-being. Enrolling in a Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) course at Mindsharper Vocational Training Institute, Shikha found solace in her passion.

In August 2022, she completed the training with optimism and secured a position as a Sales Executive at Hindustan Wellness in November 2022. A setback at Hindustan Wellness, where Shikha faced dismissal due to performance issues, shook her confidence to its core. Recognizing her sense of dejection, she was being counselled by the intervening team of Bal Raksha Bharat. Shikha’s passion for English, took a jolt with this set-back and initial anxiety. But her armor of life skills education became the catalyst for her resurgence.

An arranged interview at Food & Beverage giant McDonald’s marked a turning point in this young girl’s life. Shikha, equipped with newfound determination, secured a position as a Crew Member in one of their outlets in the city. With a monthly salary of INR 14,000/- she navigated the challenges with resilience. Within six months, Shikha’s dedication and hard work earned her a promotion to the role of Guest Experience Leader, accompanied by a salary increase of INR 4,000/-.

This young girl’s journey became a testament to the transformative impact of skill-building initiatives on marginalized youths. Her ability to bounce back from impediments and embrace challenges showcased the power of determination and resilience.

The Skill India Mission, recognized by the Government of India was launched with the aim of empowering the Indian workforce with the necessary skills to make them employable and self-reliant. The mission was launched with the objective of creating a pool of skilled workers who could contribute to the economic growth of the country. Since its launch, the Skill India Mission with focus on skill development of youth, industry relevant curriculum, job placement assistance with special emphasis on youth entrepreneurship is a huge popular scheme among youth across India.

Bal Raksha Bharat, is contributing to the government’s mission to build a skilled nation by empowering youths like Shikha and making them ready for financial independence by breaking the vicious cycle of poverty.

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