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“I want my daughter to be self-reliant and not to lead a kind of life that we do…never did I think after coming to this city, that I could make her go back to school! Now I am happy that she is continuing her education!” mention’s Tanushree’s mother.

Tanushree, all of 11-year embarked on a journey with her family, from Delhi to Mumbai in search of better opportunities. Residing in the Ramabai Nagar slum pocket of Ghatkoper, Mumbai, Tanushree’s family faced severe challenges in meeting their needs back in Delhi, prompting them to make a move to the business hub of India.

Her father works tirelessly as a construction worker, while her mother is engaged as a house-help. The family’s decision to migrate to Mumbai was driven by the hope for improved job opportunities and a better lifestyle. However, this transition led to Tanushree’s dropping out from school at Class-IV. As a consequence, there seemed an upheaval in her educational journey and she was unable to cope up not only with the environment but also with the culture, language and the syllabus.

Tanushree’s fortunes changed when her mother got connected with one of the Bal Raksha Bharat project members, during their fieldwork in the community. Recognizing Tanushree’s intelligence and eagerness to learn, the project staff delved into understanding her educational aspirations. After a successful assessment, the staff approached Tanushree’s parents with the proposition of enrolling her in a Municipal Corporation of Greater Mumbai (MCGM) school within their community.

Initially hesitant due to their recent migration and unfamiliarity with the community, Tanushree’s parents prioritized immediate family needs. Undeterred, the project staff persisted, building a rapport with the family through regular visits. Over time, they earned the family’s trust and provided support in navigating the complexities of obtaining an Aadhar Card, a crucial step for the girl’s school admission.

Today, Tanushree is not only back in school, attending 4th grade, but she is also part of the Multi Activity Center’s (MAC) bridge course. Her family have found solace as their ward could return back to school thus ensuring her continuation of academic journey. The education gap due to her sudden drop-out from school, is being bridged through regular tuition at the MAC, with support from her school teachers as well.

Tanushree’s story reflects the transformative power of community outreach and educational initiatives in unlocking the potential of children, even in the face of challenging circumstances. Her journey from migration to education is a testament to the impact of dedicated efforts in empowering young lives for a brighter future.

Bal Raksha Bharat, as an implementing organization, is dedicated to ensuring the holistic well-being of marginalized children, youth, and their families. Our role as an enabler focuses on delivering quality services such as health, nutrition, education, social protection, skill-building, and livelihood to the last mile, ensuring every child and youth in India benefits from government developmental initiatives.

Through innovative intervention models like Multi Activity Centers (MAC), we aim to serve marginalized children and youth in both rural and urban hard-to-reach areas. Our focus is on their holistic development, encompassing survival, protection, education, and dignified livelihood through a life-cycle approach. committed to building a comprehensive program for children in villages, contributing to the vision of a developed India (Viksit Bharat).

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