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“The reusable pads provided by Bal Raksha Bharat Sanstha are incredibly convenient to use. They have helped me save on the recurring cost of purchasing sanitary pads.” 

-Varsha Dhande

Varsha Dhande, a resident Krushna Nagar, Hadapsar Pune, found herself at a crossroads. For years, she had navigated the intricacies of household management alongside her husband, raising their children with care and diligence. Yet, like many women in her community, Varsha’s understanding of menstruation remained clouded by misconceptions and limited access to resources.

Discovery and Enlightenment: It was during a transformative session organized by Bal Raksha Bharat that Varsha’s journey took a pivotal turn. Introduced to menstruation awareness, she found herself enveloped in a world of knowledge previously unexplored. Guided by the expertise of Trainer Almas, Varsha’s misconceptions dissolved, replaced by a newfound understanding of menstrual health and hygiene.

Following such awareness sessions, Varsha eagerly embraced the concept of reusable pads. As she incorporated them into her routine, she discovered not only their effectiveness but also their economic viability. No longer burdened by the recurring expense of disposable pads, Varsha witnessed firsthand the liberating power of sustainability.

Empowerment and Gratitude: With gratitude in her heart, Varsha shared her experience with Bal Raksha Bharat. Her satisfaction echoed through her words, a testament to the impact of their initiatives. Bolstered by her positive encounter, Varsha resolved to extend this empowerment to her daughter, envisioning a future where reusable pads would shape their journey towards menstrual health.

Inspired by her experience, Varsha embarked on a new chapter of her life, fueled by the desire to empower others. With plans to venture into business, she envisioned herself as a catalyst for change, producing reusable pads that would not only redefine hygiene practices but also foster economic independence. Leveraging the local networks of Community Health & Nutrition Workers (CNHWs) Varsha aimed to forge connections with organizations already immersed in this field, paving the way for collaboration and innovation.

This young woman’s journey stands as an example of empowerment, illuminating the path towards menstrual health and sustainability. From the shadows of misconception emerged a woman determined to enact change, her journey intertwined with the support of Bal Raksha Bharat and the resilience of her community. As she looks towards the future, her story serves as a reminder of the transformative power of knowledge, compassion and determination.

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