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“I used to cry as I saw my child going to work in a garage! A child who used to be good in studies just dropped-out of school in twist of fate…now once again when I find him taking interest in his studies, I am very happy,” mentions Yuvraj’s mother 

Yuvraj Tomar, son of Mahendra Singh and Mayuri Tomar, started working at the tender age of 12. Initially residing in Indore, a city in Madhya Pradesh, he now lives with his uncle in Panchsheel Nagar, Bhopal. When his uncle was approached, he revealed that Yuvraj’s mother had requested to engage him to work to ensure both financial support and protection from bad influences. 

Upon conversing with Yuvraj’s mother and grandmother, it was discovered that he initially excelled in studies while in Indore. However, after relocating to another city, his academic interest waned. Despite admission to a private school via Right to Education (RtE), his academic performance suffered due to irregular attendance, leading to failure. Feeling disheartened by falling behind his classmates, the young boy abandoned school altogether. 

Efforts were made to enroll him in another school, but Yuvraj resisted, expressing a lack of interest in education. Even after being brought back to his uncle’s place, he remained indifferent. Finally, with guidance from his uncle’s friend, he started learning mechanical work in a garage. 

Representatives from Bal Raksha Bharat, came across Yuvraj, while doing household survey for children’s enrolment. Realizing the need for intervention, discussions ensued, highlighting the detrimental effects of child labor and emphasizing the importance of education at Yuvraj’s age. Recognizing his potential and the legal implications of child labor, it was decided to enroll him in a Multifunctional Activity Center (MAC). Here, he would undergo a bridge course tailored to his level, followed by school admission once the academic year commenced. 

Gradually, Yuvraj started attending the activity center, reducing his time at work. His determination to study increased, pleasing his mother and grandmother, who witnessed his newfound dedication. Now, he even studies at home. 

Conversations with his mother led to plans for his school admission in the upcoming academic session, with gratitude expressed for the assistance provided by the organization. 

In this academic session, Yuvraj will embark on a new journey – admission to school, marking a significant step towards a brighter future. 

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