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Wednesday | 29th November 2023
Success Stories
Sakthivel’s Journey to Becoming a Health Champion

Hello, I’m Sakthivel, a proud fifth-grader at Panchayat Union Primary School in Kottur, Anamalai Block in Tamil Nadu. I’m excited…

Saturday | 25th November 2023
Success Stories
Transforming Smiles with Bal Raksha Bharat: My Journey to Health and Friendship

Hi, I’m Ankesh Kumar, a 9-year-old from Billawali village. I’m a fourth-grader at Billanwali School, and I want to share…

Tuesday | 21st November 2023
Success Stories
Empowering Youth for Environmental Resilience: A Tale of Hope and Action from Flood-Prone Assam

“People in our village, are fearful of annual floods as it leads to loss of livelihood. It also implies on…

Thursday | 09th November 2023
Success Stories
Learning to Thrive: A Lost Child’s Odyssey to Self-Sufficiency

From being lost and uncertain, Little Sonu, found hope and determination. He embraced the power of learning and skilling, thus…