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Bal Raksha Bharat has been reaching out to many children through our Child Protection Programmes in tea gardens of Dhemaji Assam. Our work is not restricted to this, and our humanitarian response team has been at the forefront during the seasonal flood response every year. This year Deba Prashnad from our Assam office came to the rescue of a 10-year-old- boy whom he met during field evaluation in the flood-affected areas. The boy was suffering from a terminal foot infection (bacterial infection), and his condition was very critical. The boy had lost his father a few years back and his mother to take care of him, the mother-son duo could not find any medium to travel for medical help due to rising floodwater. Understanding the intensity of the situation, Deba rushed the child and his mother to the hospital in his vehicle. The boy is now being treated in Joni hospital. The doctor says that if the treatment would have got delayed, there were chances that the boy would have lost this leg. The boy is currently on antibiotics and will hopefully recover soon. Deba’s heroic act of pragmatic response and timely thinking was also applauded in the Amar Assam – a state newspaper.

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