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Sonali Sivaji Satkar is a 14 year old girl who lives with her parents and six sisters in Mumbai. Her father works as a coolie and mother works as a domestic worker. Living in a home that is a safe shelter was a comfort Sonali and her family never got. It was a nightmare living on the streets.

The lack of a permanent home was creating identity issues for Sonali. She was studying in ninth class but attended school irregularly as she had to take care of her siblings. There was a time, when she almost decided to drop out of school as it was becoming impossible for her to concentrate on her studies along with all the other household responsibilies.

With Bal Raksha Bharat’s timely intervention, Sonali was encouraged to continue her education. We facilitated the process of providing her with an Aadhaar Card. This helped her to overcome the identity crisis she had since childhood.

Sonali attended various training sessions on child rights issues and other thematic areas. These trainings helped in building Sonali’s confidence. She learnt about the importance of extracurricular activities. She realised that she liked to dance. Now, Sonali is a confident girl. She takes part in all socio-cultural events and also attends school regularly. It is her dream to become a teacher when she grows up. Sonali wants to ensure that every child gets an opportunity to go to school.

Bal Raksha Bharat is running various projects in the remotest corners of India with an aim to identify dropouts or out-of-school children and ensure they are enrolled in schools and get educated. A small contribution can make a big difference in the lives of children like Sonali, who are in need of support. To contribute, please click here.

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