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A 17 year girl Farzana has been residing in slums often known as ‘zhoppad patti’ in Mumbai. Her family migrated from rural Bihar to Mumbai in search of livelihood opportunities. Her family comprises of herself, her parents, and 4 other siblings.

It can be a task living in Mumbai. There were times when the local municiplality would come to demolish the slums on that entire street without any prior information. This was very traumatic as everytime this happened, they lost their belonginings and home. Her family without having any alternatives used to build a temporary shelter for themselves and used to resume life again. This lifestyle was pretty much nomadic and made Farzana feel very unsafe and unprotected.

Farzana’s parents worked very hard but still found it difficult to make both ends meet. This was the story of more or less every family living on that street. Currently, Farzana is going to complete is 10th class board examinations through correspondence.

Bal Raksha Bharat identified Fazrana and helped her in getting an Aadhaar Card. This empowered her and gave her a sense of identity. She soon started working for street children issues as a volunteer.

Farzana attended various trainings by Bal Raksha Bharat where she gained self-confidence and was imparted with the awareness on the significance of extracurricular activities. She realised that she was a good Kho-Kho player and brought significant achievements for her school in the field of sports. Her passion towards sports is unstoppable. Even though she is from an economically backward family, she has risen and is not letting this stop her from achieving her goals in life.

Bal Raksha Bharat is working with street children in different parts of the country. You can contribute a small amount and help us in changing the lives of such children. To donate press

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