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Meet Varsha. She is 15-years-old, from a local village school in the city of Patna. She lives with her parents and 5 siblings in an urban slum, which is one of the most “at-risk” for disaster areas.

Education was a distant dream for Varsha and her siblings, since just the basic survival was hard. Through Bal Raksha Bharat’s intervention in her area, she began coming to the Children’s Group. As a part of the group, Varsha was taught about disaster preparedness along with other basic education that was provided to them. She took active interest in the lessons and wanted to make a difference in her community.

So, she began special classes where she provided basic education to illiterate women so that they can read and write. Initially met with resistance, she now has 20 women enrolled in her classes and teaches them diligently.

And for each one of them, she’s their guiding light.

*Name and image of the child have been changed to ensure the safety.

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