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Issues of Underprivileged Children in India

The Challenges Faced by Underprivileged Children in India

India is the seventh largest country in the world and boasts of being a rapidly growing economy, yet its underprivileged children still have to experience some of the worst living conditions on the globe. These helpless children have to deal with various issues like malnutrition, illiteracy, child mortality and abuse due to the financial circumstances of their parents and family members. These hardships end up robbing the children of the opportunities to grow into a successful and independent adult. It’s high time we discuss these challenges openly and ask the government to provide them the much-required help. It’s important to have a proactive support system that works to improve the lives of millions of innocent children who have been struggling to lead a normal life.

What are the problems faced by underprivileged children in India


The Indian economy has seen a steep rise over the past few years, however, it is home to millions of malnourished children. Despite making numerous efforts and spending a lot of money on child welfare, India is still ranked among the worst-affected countries when it comes to child malnutrition. Indians prefer taking a carbohydrate-rich diet, which usually causes protein deficiency and leads to malnutrition among kids.

Stunted growth

The National Family Health Survey estimates that more than 61 million Indian children suffer from stunted growth. Apart from hunger and starvation, there are other factors that contribute to the issue, like poor maternal health and lack of sanitation. The government has been working with various NGOs and social organisations to spread awareness regarding the same and encourage people to lay emphasis on cleanliness and a well-balanced diet.

Child labour

Even after many social reforms and laws, child labour continues to flourish in the most backward villages of the country. People from underprivileged sections of the society force their children to work hard and earn money. It’s also seen as the only mode of survival homeless children who live on the streets. Innocent children are forced to work in long shifts and are rarely given any time to relax. They are also mentally and physically abused by their employers, which leaves a deep impact on their sense of self-worth.


Diarrhoea kills hundreds of children across the country every year. Apart from poor access to nutritious food and clean water, it is also caused by poor hygiene. Diarrhoea leads to mineral depletion and caused loss of appetite, which leads to malnutrition and stunted growth in children.

There’s no doubt about that fact that the rescue of India’s at-risk children is a difficult talk, however, the civil society has been taking strong steps to help them come out of their lives of misery. Well-designed campaigns by reputed NGOs like Bal Raksha Bharat have helped thousands on Indian children. You can also support an NGO by donating a part of your earnings on a monthly basis. This give you a feeling of happiness and save you a lot of tax.

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