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How to save tax

As responsible citizens, we should give back to our society. This is something we have heard since our childhood. Societies all across the world speak a great deal on the importance of giving back to society. Be it eminent authors, thinkers, leaders, politicians, celebrities, or religious leaders, they all talk about how important it is to do charity.

There are many reasons why one should donate to charities. It certainly gives a sense of purpose in life. By donating to charities, people align themselves with a larger cause that is more significant than themselves. Donations help people in need. By donating people often develop an overall sense of happiness.

Sometimes, even small donations can make a big difference. Big non-profit organisations like Bal Raksha Bharat are running cost-effective programmes. We are relentlessly working towards channelising every single rupee towards helping the children and their communities that have been excluded and marginalised.

There exists a vast gap between the wealthy and the poor in India. This inequality in terms of income is rapidly increasing. In such a scenario, donating to charities can enable people to feel a sense of responsibility, hope, fulfilment, and purpose.

Children often pick up habits from their parents. Giving back to society is also a habit that children can inculcate in themselves by looking at their parents. While children are too small to donate, they can be taught the importance of donation and caring about their fellow beings. It is also our moral duty as responsible citizens to inspire our friends and family for donating to charities.

Once you decide to embark upon the journey of giving back to the society in the form of charity, you must keep yourself updated about the most significant non-profit organisations that are working on the causes you wish to support. You will get an impetus to do more for your society and donate more to charities like Bal Raksha Bharat when you get to know that your generous contributions are being used meaningfully.

Bal Raksha Bharat is one of India’s leading independent child rights organisation. It has programmes running pan-India in the most marginalised communities from the remotest corners. They are relentlessly working to provide proper education, healthcare, nutrition, and life-saving relief and rehabilitation during disasters. It has been collaborating with the local government, academic and research institutions, and other organisations to address the most pressing needs of vulnerable children in India today.

Donating to charities like Bal Raksha Bharat will not only help in giving children in need a happy, healthy, and safe life, but it will also help you in saving tax. Donations to most charities guarantee a 100% tax exemption. Donate now and make a difference. You can also donate online.

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