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Self-esteem is critical to success in every aspect and phase of life. Developing healthy self-esteem will go a long way towards achieving happiness and success of children and teenagers. Self-esteem influences how children feel about themselves, and it is manifested in their life choices. It is important for children to independently understand and apply their child rights, such as act independently, express opinion on decisions on their life choices, and also respond to challenges. It is therefore important to understand the basics of helping children and teens to improve self-esteem.

1. Encourage them to participate in sports

Sports can boost children’s confidence, while teaching them many important life skills. They will learn to push themselves, in the pursuit of greater performance, thereby learning of the virtue of working hard.

As per studies, development of competence or expertise in sporting can influence a feeling accomplishment and personal capability. Sports also encourage team play, which creates social connectedness, recognition, and create a sense of belonging. They will make mistakes, and understand they need to improve upon their capabilities.

2. Help them support an NGO

You must showcase to your children the importance of giving back to society. Show them how the contribution to causes matters. While young children may not be able to participate in NGO activities, the importance of a parent-child interaction becomes important. Help them identify a cause they find interesting, and then an NGO that supports the cause. They will soon come to identify with the passion and sincerity in working for a cause, which can help them believe in their own capabilities.

3. Address Their personal insecurities
Your child may be suffering from low self esteem, which requires evaluating the reason. Possible reasons can include bullying, feeling overwhelmed with competition with peers and, personal family issues. All of these will require understanding your child’s emotional status, the factors behind it, and possibly how they can better themselves if a personal change is needed. If required, their issues may require an intervention in the form of sessions with a counsellor or a psychologist.

4. Encourage them to participate in extracurricular activities

Finding a new skill or extracurricular opportunity is a great way to allow children to express themselves. Developing recognition and appreciation in healthy interests such as theatre, music, the arts, debating, etc. all are platforms to allow children and youth to develop confidence, focus, and purpose. There is no shortage of such activities, in both school and outside for youth to participate in. And, there is no age at which these new activities and hobbies cannot be discovered.

5. Girl child empowerment

GIrls are forced into enjoying a traditionally lower socio-economic status, as a patriarchal society has come to believe that they are not capable of achievement. The government’s ‘Beti Bachao, Beti Padhao Yojana’ aims to replace it with a vision to acknowledge and honour the girl child’s capabilities, thereby creating an ecosystem where women and girls are appreciated. With their unique challenges, it is important to participate in girl child empowerment.


The role of self-esteem is very important for a child’s overall socio-economic development. For today’s modern parents, access to sports, specialised counselling, and other aspects of building self -esteem is a proactive and essential responsibility. However, there are millions of deprived children who will never experience a strong sense of self esteem. India’s most vulnerable demographic, children, are exploited and mistreated regularly. Donate online to ensure that every that programs of social intervention organised by NGO Bal Raksha Bharat reach these children. Additionally, the international NGO spends heavily on infrastructure and aid for children across India as part of its holistic child rights vision.

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