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Providing the much-needed support the district administration in Bharaich Uttar Pradesh required in handling the surge of Covid-19 cases in district hospitals, Bal Raksha Bharat provided support to set up a 30 bedded hospital in Payagpur Community Health Center in Uttar Pradesh.

The support has been provided to the district hospital following the CHC being upgraded to L1 hospital to provide COVID care and treatment. The Superintendent of Payagpur sought Bal Raksha Bharat’s support to well-equip the establishment to fitfully address Covid 19 cases.

After an in-depth discussion with CMO Bahraich and DM Bahraich, Bal Raksha Bharat proposed to provide support in terms of facilitating Covid Management Equipment and other usable items required in the health facility.

Bal Raksha Bharat provided the following equipment to the CHC in Payagpur, Bahraich:

  • 11 oxygen concentrators
  • 10 Nebulizer machine
  • 30 tabletop monitor /bp monitor/pulse oximeter
  • 30 Pulse oximeter
  • 90 Pillow with branding
  • 90 Pillow cover with branding
  • 500 bedsheet with branding
  • 15 curtains
  • disposable mask – 2000 piece
  • disposable gloves – 2030 piece
  • 3 infra-red thermometers
  • IV stand – 30
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