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Coronavirus knows no borders. It is a global threat and the virus is already having devastating consequences for children and their rights. Health systems, even in rich countries, are being overwhelmed. Economies are sliding towards depression. Children have had their education disrupted by school closures. Many are the threat of being pushed into poverty Failure to reduce and mitigate the spread of the pandemic will tear apart the lives of millions of families and children across the world.

As the world embraces the “New Normal” for the time being, desperate to go back to the “old normal” we must pause for a moment and think that would everyone want to restore normacly in their lives? For children living on streets, for those getting trafficked and abused, for those who are severely malnourished or for girls who were married even before they turned adults, was their “normal” ever really normal?


With the pandemic now spreading into some of the world’s poorest countries, there is a real danger that the world will see a reversal of the gains made over the last two decades and violations of the rights of children. We need to step up the efforts and rise to the occasion to Protect a Generation.

It is time we together do something. Children are at risk, cut off from schools, healthcare, stuck in abusive homes. But their minds are awake, their voices still ring true, their words still inspire They are calling out to rewrite the abuse, death, poverty, illiteracy Can you hear them? Will you protect a generation? Are you ready to rewrite the future?

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