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With millions of schools of children, it is time to recognise the role of NGOs in helping foster a culture of education that empowers and ignites student passion. There is much groundwork needed, despite extensive initiatives by civil society, and the government’s Right to Education program. This needs stronger community engagement and dialogue, and identifying and implementing new methodologies of learning across India. Here is how NGO donation can go a long way in helping the cause of child education in India.

First, confirm the NGO’s credibility before donating

Globally, NGOs, including charities, advocacy groups and voluntary organizations must show that their operations are aligned to stated goals, and they’re dedicated exclusively to serve a cause. Considering that you are willing to donate your hard-earned money to the NGO, it is important to have an element of scrutiny. Just like investing in a private sector company, it is only fair to look for the standards of transparency and accountability, and consider their achievements, including sustainability as a means to measure success. A good NGO worth its mettle by responding swiftly to major disaster with aid, while also participating in dialogue on civil society issues. Avoid NGOs with pronounced political and religious affiliations, instead donating to NGOs working on large-scale humanitarian projects.

How to donate?

With the advent of easy mobile access, make it a rule to always donate online. The sudden popularity of online banking post demonetisation has made it an increasingly acceptable medium of cash transfer. It is also the most convenient form of online transactions, enabling you to send money swiftly for any major fundraising needs, such as disaster relief. Your donation is not limited by the need to interface with NGO personnel, and can be made in real-time, 24 hours a day. As a result, you can donate more, throughout the year, and transparently track your donations over time.

Obtaining donate tax rebate for donations

As per Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, donors can claim income tax rebates for donations to charitable organisations with formal registration (Societies Registration Act 1860, or Section 25 of the Companies Act 1956). Indian residents, Non-Resident Indians, Hindu Undivided Family, or companies can avail of this rebate.

Documentation for filing income tax returns (ITR) to claim tax rebate:

i. The receipt must mention the name, address and PAN of the trust/organisation

ii.Form 58: Applicable for donations which provide 100% deduction.

iii. The organisation’s Registration number with validity dates

iv. An 80-G Certificate


There are many significant ways NGO Bal Raksha Bharat transforms your hard-earned money into long-term change for communities across India. The NGOs address education access in a holistic and comprehensive manner, maintaining education continuity even in times of disaster, by creating safe spaces via its Child Protection Programme. The NGO also prioritises all-around education through contact and activity centres to give children access to play areas and vocational training. After being identified, out-of-school and street children are moved to schools via enrolment drives. Older children are given skill-based vocational training to help them earn meaningful employment. Its specialised girl child education programs held in communities across India, has led to many girls becoming their family’s first-generation learners. These girls have proved their mettle by participating in national level academic events.

Bal Raksha Bharat has also created best NGO practices for Childhood Care and Development among street and slum children, and runs IT-driven Disaster Risk Reduction projects for its ‘Making Schools Safer programme’. Further, the NGO also educates children and communities about their rights, through Children’s Groups. These Groups enable children to stand up for one another, fighting issues like child marriage, child trafficking, and child abuse.

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