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Chile abuse can be defined as an “injury, sex abuse, exploitation or maltreatment of a child”. Most of the times, the injury that has been inflicted upon an innocent child is not instantly visible, however, it can traumatize a child physically and psychologically for life. Although child abuse is pretty common across the world, it’s hard to define and can be physical, behavioural, and psychological in the way it affects a child. We must keep an eye out for any signs of child abuse or exploitation and try to rescue the ones who have been suffering in silence.

Signs of child abuse
Child abuse can be assessed by studying the behaviour of a child. If a child shows a change in his or her behaviour or academic performance, it usually is a warning sign. Some children who have been abused physically or sexually face a lot of difficulty in concentrating and seem withdrawn. They also tend to always remain watchful, passive or look lost. If you come across such a child, contact a child welfare organisation and help the child in need.

The affects of child abuse
i. Psychological issues
After combatting depression and anxiety in the early years of one’s life, an abused child usually resorts to smoking and alcohol and drugs. This can cause a lot of physical health problems and affects their self-esteem. Abused kids keep depressed and face difficulties in forming relationships when they grow up into adults. They are also more likely to suffer from panic disorder, eating disorders, ADHD, depression, anger, PTSD and sleep disorders.
ii. Physical health consequences
Psychological issues can result in a destructive streak among children. However, there are also immediate physical issues inflicted upon children, such as bruises, cuts, or broken bones. These can cause a lifetime of both physical and psychological issues. Victims of child abuse also suffer from higher incidence of allergies, arthritis, asthma, bronchitis, high blood pressure, and ulcers.
iii. Societal consequences
Child abuse often hampers a child’s growth, development and participation in society. Therefore, child protection is very important in order to ensure stability in children’s health and overall well-being. According to popular NGO Bal Raksha Bharat, ‘child protection’ can be defined as the measures taken to prevent and tackle to child abuse and exploitation that affect children.

Bal Raksha Bharat as been working as a major child protection body and has a lot of experience in partnering with various governmental organisations and social initiatives to stop crimes against children. It has strong alliances with local and state governments, which enables it to intervene and take an action when child abuse in any form is suspected. Donate to the NGO and receive a donation tax rebate. This will not just save you some money, but will give you a lot of satisfaction and happiness.

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