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Bal Raksha Bharat’s Corporate Engagement Centre aims at developing beneficial and lasting global partnerships with companies working with India. The idea is to create an ingenious and sustainable change for children and their families
through our Health & Nutrition, Child Protection, and Education programmes. Through these centres, we help companies improve, develop, and implement Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategies, programmes, and projects related
to children.

Partner with us to help underprivileged children; employ our network, our experience of working with communities, and our knowledge on building impactful partnerships.

Our Mission and Vision for impactful partnership


To harness the power of businesses for a cathartic social change by leveraging business knowledge, expertise, assets, products, and technology.


To build life-changing business partnerships and spearhead technical innovation and delivery, changing the world for children.

If you have any query and/or wish to know more about our
Growth Initiatives, reach out to us.

  • ENGAGE Partnering with businesses

    • To reduce childhood pneumonia & undernutrition
    • To improve school readiness among children
    • To reducing violence against children and young women
    • To ensure a life of dignity and respect for children in street situations in India
    • To empower adolescent girls to be agents of change and child-centred resilient communities

  • INNOVATE Leveraging on proven models from innovation incubators in
    the private sector

    • We will co-create cutting-edge solutions, approaches, and programming with corporates
    • We will leverage their core assets and strengths for achieving social good
    • We will find innovative solutions for children; to ensure all children survive, learn, and are protected from violence

  • INSPIRE Through the Corporate Engagement Centre and our work on
    Transformational Partnerships

    • We plan to create models of success and partnerships through our advocacy efforts
    • We will engage in dialogues/discussions on shared value, co-creation, and innovation