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Aravali Marathon with Sudarshan

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A Seasoned Civil Society Leader and an avid Marathoner, Bal Raksha Bharat CEO Sudarshan will be running the Aravali Trail Run 2024, to raise resources for supporting a Multi Activity Centre to support children’s education

About Sudarshan

Sudarshan, Chief Executive Officer at Bal Raksha Bharat, is a seasoned civil society leader, possessing years of rich experience in crafting solutions to empower communities and bring about grassroot-level transformations. With a rich local & global experience in academics, development sector and in the corporate environment, Sudarshan’s journey is an outstanding amalgamation of grassroots implementation experience and driving large-scale developmental projects. At Bal Raksha Bharat, Sudarshan is at the helm of the affairs to steer the organization towards shaping up as India’s most sought-after Child Care Organization which provides holistic support to children.

Previously, Sudarshan has held leadership positions with distinguished organizations such as Reliance Foundation, Reliance Life Sciences, and National Dairy Development Board (NDDB). He is also the co-founder of Udayan Centre for Collaborative Learning – a grassroots NGO in Central India.

Why Your Support Matters: The Gift of Multi Activity Centre to Children

When you support Sudarshan’s #RunForABetterTomorrow Campaign, it goes towards ushering in Holistic Care & Support for children

Across eight states of India, Bal Raksha Bharat operates 28 Multi Activity Centres (MAC) which serve as one-stop destinations for transforming the lives of children in need. A MAC caters to various age groups and segments of children: 3-6 years (Early Childhood), Out-of-school children, age group of 6-14 years, children who never enrolled in school or who dropped out. Children engaged in child labour and living in street situations are also benefitting through these centres. Following are the core services provided at a MAC Centre:

  • Quality Early Childhood Care & Education Services for 3-6 years age group
  • Bridge Courses for children in the age group of 6-14 years, to help them connect/re-connect with education
  • Skilling of Adolescents and Youth and Linking them to Dignified Employement Opportunities
  • Life Skills Courses for building Resilience and Confidence in children
  • Strengthening family & community ecosystem to keep children safe and ensure their well-being
  • Pyschosocial Support to help children cope with anxiety, depression, loss, bullying and loneliness
  • Play-based learning and relaxation opportunities for children
  • Linking children and youth to social protection schemes and helping them receive legal identity documents

Join Sudarshan in his quest to help children reach their full potential. Together, we can throw open a world of opportunities for children and help them build a Secure Childhood and thus a Secure Future.

This is your chance to support an initiative which will go a long way in bringing about a transformation in the lives of children, and even their communities. Every contribution received will form a vital building block of our mission, symbolizing a shared commitment to create a positive change.

Please donate generously. Let’s give children what they deserve: A future full of opportunities.

The 6th Aravali Trail Run 2024 will be organized on 17th March 2024 in Gurugram.
More details HERE.