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In the heart of North West District of Delhi, at MCPS Girls’ Utkrisht Vidyalaya Haiderpur a unique challenge was confronted, while working with a motto to create ‘Green Space’ to combat climate crisis. It was observed that there was lack of awareness among pupils and teachers about climate change, the absence of an eco-club and a general neglect towards the environment. Adding to the complexity, the school had no land for planting or gardening and the looming Bhalaswa Dumpyard cast a shadow over the air quality.

Undeterred by such challenges, the team drove into action. Recognizing the need for change, following series of meetings, formation of an eco-club was initiated at the school with support from the school management. The club members received thorough orientation on their roles, responsibilities, and the importance of understanding climate change. To assess the school’s vulnerabilities, the team conducted a Hazard Vulnerability Capacity Risk Assessment (HVCRA) and crafted a climate action plan accordingly.

The results were nothing short of inspiring. In May 2023, the children took the reins of change, planting a tree on the birthday of every child within the school premises. The initiative gained overwhelming support and soon, the school authorities committed to nurture the plants. Encouraged by this momentum, the school faculty challenged the children to plant 15 trees within the school grounds in the next two months.

The eco club’s impact extended beyond planting trees. A creative initiative emerged, urging each child to bring a fruit to school, eat it, and plant its seeds in the school field. This not only promoted healthy eating habits but also contributed to the development of more green spaces within the school.

The transformation did not go unnoticed. The school’s Principal shared their joy, saying, “There are plants in my school, but no one was taking care of them previously. But after this initiative, eco clubs have been formed, and the impact is now visible. Children are now planting trees in the school, and they are also taking care of them themselves. Now children are planting plants in the school on their birthdays also, and the school family is very happy to see this. ”

And so, in the heart of Delhi, the seeds of change had been planted, nurtured by the hands of enthusiastic children and the unwavering commitment of school management. The once-neglected school transformed into a vibrant hub of greenery, echoing the potential for positive change in the fight against climate change.

Mission LiFE, an India-led global mass movement to nudge individual and community action to protect and preserve the environment. Mission Lifestyle for Environment recognises that Indian culture and living traditions are inherently sustainable. Top of Form

Bal Raksha Bharat to support this initiative of Government of India, has embarked on a mission to create green spaces within the premises of government schools. Creation of Green SPACES within the government schools of Delhi – A Sustainable Approach, is one such project that aims to empower children and educational service providers to combat the impacts of climate change by augmenting their knowledge and by encouraging them to take affordable actions in their own small way.

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