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Hi, I’m Ankesh Kumar, a 9-year-old from Billawali village. I’m a fourth-grader at Billanwali School, and I want to share a story about how my life changed for the better thanks to Bal Raksha Bharat.

I come from a family of four, and until Bal Raksha Bharat came into my life, I didn’t really take brushing my teeth seriously. Sometimes, I’d go days without brushing, and it started showing. My teeth turned yellow, and I even had worms in them. Soon, the pain set in, and I developed bad breath. My friends stopped talking to me, and I felt lonely and embarrassed. I couldn’t focus on my studies either.

Then, one day, a special guest, a didi from Bal Raksha Bharat, came to our school. She taught us the importance of brushing twice a day and the six steps to proper tooth brushing. She explained how brushing keeps our teeth white, clean, and strong, and how neglecting our teeth could lead to infections and pain.

I gathered the courage to share my toothache during a health club meeting with my sister. She encouraged me to talk to our parents so they could take me to the dentist. I started brushing regularly, and slowly but surely, my toothache began to fade away. I became more interested in my studies, and my bad breath disappeared.

As I made brushing a habit, something amazing happened. I started making new friends, and children from all classes began talking to me. Bal Raksha Bharat had transformed my life, and I am truly grateful to Didi for saving my teeth from decay.

Bal Raksha Bharat not only gave me a healthy smile but also the gift of friendship and a brighter future.

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