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Avinash is a 10 year old boy who is living in a park next to Lal Quila in Delhi with his parents and younger brother. They originally hail from Bihar. Their family migrated in search of a livelihood. Avinash’s father works as a daily wage labourer to earn a living.

Bal Raksha Bharat identified Avinash and tried to interact with him. Initially, Avinash was reluctant to answer questions, but eventually he opened up. His father was an alcoholic. He used to often rink with his friends and then come home and shout at everyone. There is no sense of stability living on the streets like this. Avinash felt unsafe. He said that sometime children from his neighborhood used to just disappear. It was a challenge to survive like this since they did not have any identity.

On interacting with him, it was discovered that Avinash did not have an Aadhaar Card yet. Bal Raksha Bharat has registered him for an Aadhaar Card. Avinash said that “Adhaar card will give me an identity and people will know who I am. Whoever doesn’t have an Adhaar Card, people assume that they are thieves. I want to join the army and they will only accept me if I have an identity card. I also want to see my mother happy and if I earn by being in the army I can make my entire family happy. It will bring respect to my family and we will not be bothered by the Police.”

Some time back when the police broke their house down. They said that criminal and illegal to live where we were living. They could not do anything about it. Thankfully they did not take any of their belongings, so they had to pack everything and moved to a temporary shelter.

There are many more children like Avinash who have to unwillingly lead such a nomadic lifestyle. This not only makes them insecure but causes a trauma that might take a lifetime to heal. Generous donors like you can help us in helping such children to get a more stable and secure life that they deserve. Donate now and give a child a happy and safe childhood.

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