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Bal Raksha Bharat’s Director of Advocacy, campaigns and communication, Bidhisha Pillai, has put forward necessary budget requirements for the survival, desired development & safety of children, ahead of Government of India’s 2016 Fiscal budget. She has strongly advocated on the need for minimum expected and acceptable action in the form of budget and not diplomacy when it comes to children and child rights. India is at the forefront of child suffering in many ways and contributes heavily to the World’s child labor population and child deaths & malnourishment. The quality of primary and early years education, the basis of a child’s literacy and success in career, needs massive improvement and not just good looking literacy percentages. The huge no. of out of school children, poor school infrastructure, understaffed schools, poor attendance are facts that cannot be ignored.

For economic growth, in both short and long term, Government cannot overlook the importance of a child friendly budget, suggested with details in Bidhisha’s article. This article has already been shared by 1.17k people. Please share this page on your social media profile by clicking the social buttons above.

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