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Projects in Tamil nadu

Tesco Scholarship Project

Intent is to improve the access to higher education of deserving students (especially girls) from economically marginalised families engaged in TESCO’s supply chain. The project aims to support 1000 students by funding their entire education expenses. In addition, the project also creates awareness on professional skilling alternatives among adolescents, youths and their families and provides avenues to improve life skills (LS) among the aspirants.
Theme: Education

Improving Access to WASH Facilities in 30 Government schools

This partnership with Sun Foundation proposes to improve water, sanitation and hygiene practices across 30 elementary government schools in Thiruvallur district directly reaching to 6000+ children and indirectly serving 5000+ population.
Theme: Health & Nutrition

Creating A Safe And Enabling Experience For Children Online

With increased use of digital technology, children are often found to be online, unsupervised and unaided. This has lead to children being exposed to online abuse, sexual exploitation and grooming. The project intends to create awareness amongst children, parents, caregivers and educators, and advocate with policy makers to mitigate potential risks, and ensure children’s online experiences are safe and positive.
Theme: Child Protection

Comprehensive school safety

To promote a culture of disaster risk reduction and awareness on climate change through a comprehensive school safety education. The project reaches 300 children and 30 teachers across 10 schools.
Theme: Child Protection