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As per the Indian Income Tax Department’s rules, a donor is required to add their address and PAN number in case they wish to receive the 80G tax-exemption certificate

Children miss you! Thank you for lending your valuable support to the children. Your monthly donation acted as a huge support and has enabled us to provide healthcare, education and protection services to children. When disasters struck, it was your support through which we could provide life-saving relief to children and their families.

It’s only through your regular monthly support that we can address the needs of children on a constant basis. Unfortunately, due to the new RBI regulations, your monthly donation came to a halt in the month of October 2021.

But, you can change that with one click: RE-REGISTER your monthly donation once again as children await your support

Like before, your consistent donations will be children’s key to a safer, fairer and happier childhood and thus give them a real shot at a hopeful future.

In case of any queries, you can reach out to Bal Raksha Bharat (Bal Raksha Bharat) at donorsupport@savethechildren.in or +91 9870127127