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As per the Indian Income Tax Department’s rules, a donor is required to add their address and PAN number in case they wish to receive the 80G tax-exemption certificate

You have been a SUPERHERO for children. Your regular monthly donation was nothing less than a support system which made the lives of underprivileged children a lot better. Your donations helped spread smiles: They brought in medical care, nutrition support and education. When disasters struck, it was your support through which we could provide life-saving relief to children and their families.

The daily needs of underprivileged children can be taken care of only through monthly donations. Unfortunately, due to the RBI regulations, your monthly donation came to a halt in the month of October 2021. The change in law coupled with post-COVID effects has left underprivileged children and their families in a state of hopelessness. But here’s some good news: Bal Raksha Bharat (Bal Raksha Bharat) is now compliant with the latest RBI guidelines and you can register your standing instructions once again.

Here’s your chance to reverse the adverse effects of changes in RBI regulations and help unlock the futures of India. You can do this by signing up again and being the reason behind a happy and healthy life for a child in need. Your consistent donations will be children’s key to a safer, fairer and happier childhood and thus give them a real shot at a hopeful future. We call upon you to continue your regular donation by making a contribution through the donation form on this page. Let’s Bring Back Hope COLLECTIVELY in the lives of India’s most disadvantaged children.

We need you back as a Monthly Donor for children. With your commitment, children will be back where they truly belong – SCHOOL. Help us send children back to school, provide for nutritious meals and gift them the childhood they deserve. All this is possible only with YOUR support.

‘What you do everyday matters more than what you do once in a while’.

In case of any queries, you can reach out to Bal Raksha Bharat (Bal Raksha Bharat) at donorsupport@savethechildren.in or +91 9870127127.

Note: As per RBI’s latest guidelines, your permission is required to continue keeping this card saved securely for future payments on Razorpay. This is required to automatically charge your card for recurring payments. All saved cards are compliant with the latest security guidelines.

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