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Karthik losing their livelihood due to COVID

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Karthik’s family struggled to arrange two-square meals a day. All of his educational funds were utilized to combat hunger his family faced due to losing their livelihood due to COVID-induced lockdowns. This shattered his hopes and dreams.

“I don’t remember when was the last time we enjoyed three nutritious meals in a day. We relish leftover rice form dinner as breakfast. We skip afternoon lunch, and I cook one meal a day that serves us for dinner and breakfast. As a mother, it hurt me every day for not being able to provide nutritious meals and education to my child”.

– Jayashree, Karthik’s mother.

Come, #ThinkOfTheChildren and help support and save children like Karthik today. Your donation will support our programmes that ensure health and nutrition, education and protection for underprivileged children across India.