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Invitation for TRAC Report

Children and Experts Come Together to Discuss How Child Rights Should be Delivered in India

On 16th November 2021, in New Delhi, Bal Raksha Bharat is organising an insightful roundtable that will focus on the importance of child participation in the national agenda for child development. We will also be announcing our flagship annual publication, ‘TRAC – The Rights and Agency of Children in India’, which will effectively generate evidence through collecting voices of children about issues that concern them and the change that they would like to see in future.

Despite so much existing research and recommendations, what is holding India back from doing more to meet Sustainable Development Goals on child rights? How can children’s often-neglected voices be heard when it comes shaping the discourse and drafting better policies on child rights? Come 16th November, we’ll be seeking answers to these truly pertinent questions revolving around the lives of children of India.