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How to guides

  • What to do when you see a child being abused?

  • Bal Raksha Bharat’s First Responder Approach

  • Be watchful of what children see or hear on television, radio, or on the Internet

    You can consider reducing the amount of screen time focused on Novel Coronavirus. Too much information on one topic can lead to anxiety, especially among children.

  • Share Accurate Information

    Whatever information you give to children, it should be truthful and age-appropriate. It should be in line with the developmental level of the child. Also apprise children on how some stories and news items circulating online may be based on rumours and inaccurate information.​

  • Teach children the importance of maintaining good hygiene and lead by example

    Remind them to maintain distance from people who are coughing or sneezing or sick
    Remind them to cough or sneeze into a tissue or their elbow, then throw the tissue into trash.
    Remind them of what’s in their power – washing hands thoroughly, consuming a healthy diet, getting plenty of sleep and other such healthy healthy lifestyle habits.
    Get children into a handwashing habit:
    Teach them how to wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds, frequently during the day. Hands must be definitely washed after children blow nose, cough or sneeze, use bathroom and before eating or preparing food.
    Also teach them to use an alcohol-based (minimum 60% alcohol) sanitizer. Do keep an eye on young children using sanitizer, lest they swallow alcohol.

  • Child Safeguarding at Bal Raksha Bharat

    Whether we are responding to a humanitarian crisis or campaigning to prevent child marriage across the country, safeguarding children in the communities we work is always our first priority. Bal Raksha Bharat’s Child Safeguarding Policy is our commitment to ensure that children are protected from both deliberate and accidental harm and abuse caused by Bal Raksha Bharat staff and its associates. This is Bal Raksha Bharat’s commitment to every child we engage with.

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