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Education is the key that can help any society develop to its full capacity. It has the power to bring revolution and shape futures. Bal Raksha Bharat is one of the leading child rights NGO’s that has many education related programmes across India. Our aim is to ensure that every last child reaches school and stays there.

Other than ensuring that children attend school, we also work towards ensuring that these children receive quality education in the present school education system. For all our education programmes we believe that all children irrespective to their caste, language, gender, color, religion, physical and learning abilities deserve an environment wherein they can learn and grow to their full potential.

Working on these lines we have two education programmes in Delhi: Education to Empowerment: Pillars of Learning and Creating Education Opportunities for Children from the most marginalized Communities.

Through the project ‘Education to Empowerment: Pillars of Learning’ our aim is to strengthening education system across Delhi by enhancing learning levels of children in government schools through ensuring quality education in 20 schools in South-East district of Delhi. The aim is not only to impart education but also to ensure that quality education is provide in an enabling child-friendly environment as a mandated in the Right to Education Act for children living in remote and marginalized communities.

Our second education project in Delhi, ‘Creating Education Opportunities for Children from the most marginalized Communities”, has been conceptualized to strengthen early years learning experiences of young children. This project intervention is in 200 Anganwaries and 25 schools in North and North West districts in Delhi. With this project our aim is to increase access to a child-friendly learning environment in state run preschools (Anganwadi Centres) and ensure a smooth transition to primary schools.

We are enabling quality learning by ensuring that Anganwadi workers and early grade school teachers engage in practicing child centric and activity based classroom transaction processes. Through these project, Bal Raksha Bharat is reaching out to the most marginalized children across Delhi and is ensuring that they receive the best start in life when it comes to getting access to quality education. In 2017, 1.67 lakh children were benefitted across India through our projects on education.

You can help a child educate by supporting and donating to an NGO that works for the cause of education.

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